Daily Release
So tell me now, where was my fault… in loving you with my whole heart?
Mumford & Sons
Because that’s what people do. They leap, and hope to God they can fly, because otherwise you just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the *hell* did I jump? But here I am, falling, and there’s only one person who makes me feel like I can fly… That’s you.
Will Smith in Hitch

I’ve fought and trembled under this dogma machine that distorts our realistic perceptions of unnatu-reality and perpetually lost the struggle to a greater force of deterrence and can’t-do mentality that emphasizes assimilation and degrades and uproots the footing of guerrilla forces aimed to bring about equality and opportunity that was always there but hidden under a veil of calming reassurance that strips responsibility but enforces role and destination, neither promising to fill the wells of dreaming children’s imaginative eyes and wandering, creative minds, the open eyes of curiosity and question that I refuse to close, and pry open in spite of their blinding neon lights of consumer satisfaction and American dreams that will never, never, see a future envisioned by the unadulterated, unabashed will of a child; forgive the inevitable, though temporary, trespasses of virtue and success for the allowance of hope and better days, a happiness yet to be witnessed but never impossible.

Even if it’s 93,000,000 miles away, it still feels brilliant and close.

Even if it’s 93,000,000 miles away, it still feels brilliant and close.

I feel like society dictates that we live the life two steps ahead of our current location. We always have to be looking ahead and making smart decisions for where we’re going, but do we ever to get to enjoy where we’re at and make decisions relevant only to enjoying ourselves in the moment?

Will an investment consultant tell you it’s a smart idea to spend $2,000 on a week’s vacation? Nope. Will teachers in school tell you to leave for Europe tomorrow and come back when you feel like you’ve had a chance to experience the world? Nope.

Do I even let myself go places and do things without worrying about my obligations to school and work? On occasion. But it’s always a battle. It seems like it would require lots of money and security to feel careless and free to do these things all the time. I just want to enjoy my life to the fullest, and our societal infrastructure is getting in the way of that. Anybody can tell me to just do what I love, but that requires money, too. Unfortunately, that sets me right back in the path I’m trying to avoid. It’s a catch-22, I’m afraid.

Any poignant solutions?

Look at the Pope and the Queen. It looks like a Halloween party.
Alex, while looking at detailed breakdown of the Pope-mobile and the Pope kickin’ back with the Queen of England.
We do what we do… to get by… and then we need a release
Against Me! “Thrash Unreal”
Okay, you order pizza, have it here for 3. You put your phone on vibrate, and they call you, BZZZZ, dildo in your pants.
My 60 something year old Korean professor regarding his plans to buy us pizza every class =) I love that man SO much.
Let’s get together and feel alright
One Love- Bob Marley
Life isn’t about winning so much as learning how to improve on failures.
Test quote